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Welcome to the new website!

When I first started this website, I was not sure whether anyone would be interested and, therefore, how long it would last. I honestly thought I would help a few lucky students with their theses (because that is something I feel compelled to do) and then give up the ghost after concluding it's not worth it. Well, I am still not sure it's worth it considering how many hours I sometimes spend on your documents and my commitment to keeping prices affordable (especially for students and first-time authors), but here I am more than a year later. The response has been very positive and I really enjoy doing this work so I am going to keep at it, for now at least. I have had the pleasure of reading and working on manuscripts from several countries on many different topics, so that is certainly a lot of fun.

I want to thank all the people who have trusted me with their precious documents even though my website looked exactly like what it was: something I knocked up in 15 minutes. After getting my head above a mountain of theses this June, I figured I should put in time, effort and resources to revamp the website. It is now more user friendly and invites submissions from all sorts of authors, not just thesis writers. Instead of one price for all, I am now offering three packages, so that I can better meet different writers' needs. The cheapest package starts from the very low rate of 8.50 per 1,000 words. That is just 0.0085 per word, which is probably the cheapest in the industry. Those who need more advice and whose manuscripts need a lot of work, though, can pay a bit more and I will spend even more time working on their documents. Please read the Pricing page to learn more about the different packages.

Whichever package you choose, the quality never lets up. So far, all clients have expressed complete satisfaction with my work. I intend to keep it that way. For me, doing this work is a passion and a hobby. I want the world, and Malta in particular, to have better writers. I don't just edit your work but I also give you countless tips on how to improve your writing style, content and clarity of thought. I want people to become better writers so the next time they have a writing project, they will do better. I also want more students to get rewarded for the excellent research they do and not lose marks for annoying things like grammatical mistakes, which tend to give an unprofessional look. To top all this off, I am keeping my free five-page trial. That is more generous than what any other proofreading website offers. It is open not only to paying customers but to all and sundry. Anyone with a short essay or article can get it edited completely free! So what are you waiting for, writers? Browse a bit around the website (I highly suggest reading the FAQs) and send me your document. Get in touch through the website, the Facebook page or the email address

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