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Malta Premium Editing & Proofreading Services

Proofreading is a light correction of grammar and vocabulary, usually done right before your manuscript goes to print. If you send your document to a proof reader in Malta, that is exactly what you will get. If, however, you send your cherished thesis, book or academic paper to us, we will do so much more than that.

People come to us because we offer a premium editing service unmatched in Malta (and maybe in the rest of Europe, too). We do not only correct grammar mistakes, but we also work extremely hard to improve your content, writing style and clarity of thought. These are a few of the things that we do to make your writing shine.

✔ We indicate where there are gaps in knowledge and suggest ideas about how to fill them.

✔ We carry out extra research to understand and explain concepts you may not have properly elucidated.

✔ We re-write sentences which are not properly structured and do not convey a meaning properly.

✔ We restructure your paragraphs so that your writing has incredible flow.

✔ When necessary, we take apart a whole paragraph, section or chapter and re-write it so that it truly and elegantly conveys what is in your head but you are struggling to get out.

✔ We help you answer the questions your supervisor has posed or tackle the problems your paper reviewer has pointed out.

✔ If you are struggling with quantitative research, we will help you present, analyse and discuss the data.

✔ We fix your references so that they conform with APA style, Harvard style, or whatever referencing style you are working with.

We are expert researchers, writers and academics with experience working in higher education institutions in Malta and beyond. Supervisors recommend us because we explain everything in such incredible detail and give their students the time and attention supervisors wish they could give themselves. And, then, those same supervisors come to us with their own research, with papers on everything from new treatments for cerebral palsy to the history of the Knights of Malta.

Our method involves reading and working on every document multiple times, over several days, to offer in a single package what the publishing industry offers in several, and at a much higher price than we do. Our work has to really be seen to be believed. The good thing is that you can see it absolutely for free. We offer all and sundry a 1,300-word free trial to all prospective customers and those who place an order. All you need to do is email us your 1,300-word document, or place an order with more words in it and you will not be charged for the first 1,300.

Our mission is to help students, academics and authors be the best writers they can possible be. We particularly enjoy helping first-time writers. We not only transform your document into something much better, but also explain each of our suggested changes in incredible detail so that you can make informed choices and produce better results the next time you have a writing task. We are teachers at heart, and treat you as our students more than our clients.

Contact us now for a consultation or visit our website for more information.

(+356) 9992 8710

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