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Novelists, playwrights, screenwriters and other genre authors

Are you working on a play, novel, film script or non-fiction book? I can be your editor. A native speaker, a master of the English language, a student of literature, a teacher, writer, researcher, proofreader and voracious reader, you are unlikely to find yourself in safer hands at such a reasonable price. I might not be able to turn you into the next Charles Dickens, Charlotte  Brontë or Oliver Stone, but I will have good fun trying. I will fix your grammatical mistakes, suggest superior vocabulary and give you lots of tips on how to improve your writing style. Moreover, I will also make sure that you are conveying the message you want and suggest new ideas. Even if you think that you are an excellent writer, there are still mistakes you will fail to see, because you have spent so much time looking at the same document that you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you figure things out.

 You can try me out for free and with no obligations by sending a five-page document to my email address.


I will:

  • Correct your grammar

  • Find the most appropriate vocabulary

  • Check your writing for clarity of thought and suggest alternatives when necessary

  • Give you feedback on your content based on my vast knowledge



Plus, you will also get:

  • Five pages edited for free to help you make up your mind about the service

  • A guaranteed fixed price with no hidden costs

  • Free consultations by email or on the phone

  • Someone who will keep to deadline

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