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Where no word is left unchecked


1) I will check your manuscript for grammatical errors.

2) I will make sure you are using the correct punctuation.

3) I will make sure that you are using the words and phrases that convey exactly what you want to say.

4) I will review your content and suggest changes where I believe them to be necessary. You are the expert about your subject but I am well-read and can sometimes offer advice about your topic too.

5) I will give you detailed commentary explaining why I suggest the changes I do.

6) I will edit five pages for free so that you can see whether you like my services without committing yourself.


7) I am willing to meet you in person and discuss your work with you.


1) I will never share your written content with anyone else. Your privacy and content are 100% safe with me.

2) I will not subcontract the job you entrust me with to another proofreader. My proofreading style is laborious, thorough and unique, and no one can replicate it. You will quickly learn to recognise my style and know that I worked on the document for you.

3) I will not charge you any more than the agreed price. 2.5 Euros per page. No hidden charges, no messing about. 

4) I will not work on more than one project at any one time. If I am editing your manuscript, you can be rest assured that I am not working on anyone else's. Finishing the work I am doing for you is my top priority.

5) I will not proofread documents overnight. Please allow for adequate time and a realistic time-frame. I can improve your writing but I cannot perform miracles.

6) I will not write your thesis. Sorry, but that is your job. 

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All my life, I have worked in writing, editing, doing research and teaching. A graduate in English and Anthropology from the University of Malta (Bachelor of Arts and Masters), I am, and have always been, a voracious reader and writer about all manner of subjects. For years, I have been editing and reviewing my friends' theses, scholarly papers and newspaper articles in return for bottles of whisky or nothing at all.

Now, following much encouragement due to exceptional results and many happy customers, I am offering my services to the wider public. No matter what your topic is or how long your manuscript happens to be, I will happily read and edit it for you. What I would like to do is not only check your writing but make you a better writer. I will give you suggestions about everything. No comma will go unchecked and no word will be misused. I will even give you suggestions about your written content (as far as my own knowledge allows).

My main interest is in helping University of Malta, MCAST and ITS students with their theses, assignments and papers but I will happily work for other sorts of writers too, whether it is for a book, magazine article or online content.

One of the reasons why I am better than international websites that offer similar services is that I am Maltese myself. This helps me better understand what you, a fellow Maltese, want to say as well as familiar with the pitfalls of Maltese writers.

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Malta Thesis Proofreading, Editing and Reviewing Services

By trying my service, you have nothing to lose. Send a document (in Word format) of not more than five pages and I will proofread it for free, without any commitments on your part.

Don't hesitate to get in touch. I am here to help you.

Thanks for submitting!

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