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  • Why should I choose you over your competitors?
    Because I am on a mission to help people become better writers. I do not just correct your document for grammar and vocabulary errors but I also write extensive notes explaining every single change and give you tips on how to improve your writing style, content and clarity of thought. I will teach you how to think and write better so that, next time around, you will feel more confident writing a long manuscript and you will make fewer mistakes. Other proofreaders will give you a fish. I will give you a well-cooked fish as well as a fishing rod.
  • What is the difference between proofreading and editing?
    In the publishing industry, there are several layers of editing and proofreading. For students and first-time authors, these are expensive, so what I do is roll all these layers into one and deliver an affordable but still professional package. Proofreading is the correction of grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Editing can be much more intrusive and include the complete removal or moving around of sections, re-writing of sentences and paragraphs and other forms of ‘literary surgery’. I do all this for a simple, affordable price.
  • What is the advantage of choosing a proofreader from Malta?
    Malta is one of only three countries in Europe which has English as a native language (the others being the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland). In Malta, British English is the norm. If you are in Europe, Malaysia, India, Nigeria or some other Commonwealth country, you should be using British English too. American websites will charge you extra for British English. For us, British English is de rigueur. Proofreading from Malta shows that you take your writing seriously.
  • How do I know you are legitimate?
    I have been a teacher, writer, researcher and proofreader for many years. I have a reputation to uphold and, so far, I have a 100% satisfaction rate. I will work on five pages completely free to help you make up your mind about the service. Somebody who is messing around will not offer such a service (more extensive than anyone else on the internet) completely free.
  • Can you send me your portfolio?
    No. I am not at liberty to send other people’s work around. I will also not be sending your document (edited or unedited) to anyone else but you. The five pages I work on for free are enough for you to help you make up your mind on whether you like the service or not.
  • How much does it cost?
    Please click on the pricing page for this information.
  • I contacted you before June 2021 and you quoted a cheaper price. Will I have to pay more now?
    The revamped website and the growing interest have necessitated slightly higher prices. However, those who have supported the website from the beginning, have an order in process or have already got a quote will keep enjoying the old pricing structure.
  • How do I know which package to choose?
    In the pricing page, there is an explanation about what benefits each package offers and which kind of writers the packages are aimed at. Moreover, in the free five-page sample, you will get all the benefits. The changes will be marked as belonging to one package or another, so this will help you choose which package is best for you.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    I do five pages of completely free proofreading and editing to anyone who asks for them. That means you can get, say, a whole newspaper or magazine article done for free, or half an assignment. This is far more than what others offer as a sample. You have to show no commitment to wanting any more work done to get these free five pages. All you need to do is email the document. Apart from that, do keep your eye on the blog because, sometimes, I offer discounts so that people can get a cheaper service.
  • How do I pay?
    When the work is done, I will send you a PayPal payment request by email so you can make your payment. Although setting up a PayPal account is easy, you don’t need to have one to make your payment. Instead, you can pay as a guest using a credit card, debit card or digital wallet that is available through PayPal in your country. If, however, you still have an issue with this procedure, please contact me to make an alternative arrangement.
  • Your prices are in euro. I am not in the European Union and my country uses a different currency. Does this matter?
    No, With PayPal, will automatically convert your currency into euros when you pay.
  • How early do I need to send my document for you to manage my deadline?
    The simple answer is: the earlier, the better. How much time a document takes for it to be finished depends on its length and complexity. When I start working on your document depends on where you stand in the queue. I always have other work going on so I cannot drop everything and start working on your document right away. Unless it’s extremely short, I will not do overnight work. However, I do endeavour to finish the free five-pagers on the same day they are sent. It’s always important to discuss your deadline with me. If a few chapters are ready but you are still working on others, you can send me the ready ones to get the ball rolling.
  • Should I send the whole document at once or should I send the work chapter by chapter?
    In my experience, sending the work chapter by chapter or in chunks works better because my suggestions for one chapter will help you out when writing a new chapter. Sending it piecemeal also avoids the mad rush for the deadline at the end. After I send you the last chapter and you have made your final alterations, you can send it back and, for a small fee (see pricing page), I will re-read the whole manuscript, checking changes you have made since I last read the text and checking the overall flow of the text. When people send their work as individual chapters, I usually notice a big improvement in their writing by the time they send the last chapter or two.
  • My institution has asked me to use APA referencing, or Harvard, or Oxford, or something else. Is this a problem?"
    No, it’s not a problem. Just tell me what referencing style you need to use and I will work with that.
  • Why is there a charge on diagrams?
    Because I will analyse them too and suggest changes when necessary.
  • Do I really need to engage a proofreader or editor? Can’t I just proofread my own work?
    That is a decision only you can make. However, do keep in mind that even the best and most prolific writers in the world, from Susan Sontag to Stephen King, also had editors. It is unlikely, therefore, that your writing is pitch perfect and does not need to be checked. When you write something and then read it over and over again, you tend to become blind to its imperfections. Besides, a professional editor will bring perspectives and ideas to your writing that you did not even consider.
  • What are your views on writers with dyslexia?
    When you have dyslexia or a similar condition which makes it difficult to read, write and spell, having your writing checked by someone else is an absolute must. Having your work full of spelling and punctuation mistakes may be understandable in the circumstances but it will still make you look unprofessional and lose you marks. There is no reason for your writing to be inferior to that of anyone else’s. You just need a person to help you fix your writing errors.
  • Do I have to pay more for editing?
    For editing, you need to choose the Editor Package.
  • Your comments are amazingly detailed. Are you an expert in my field by any chance?
    The chances are that I am not an expert in your field but I have a background in it in the sense that I have read extensively about your subject. A dissertation is, at the end of the day, a writing exercise. If you read often, know how to write and are good at recognising patterns and making links between topics, you can understand many fields even if you are not a certified expert in them.
  • I have implemented the changes you suggested. Will you re-read my document so that I put my mind at rest that all is fine or to help me reduce the word count?
    Yes, for a small fee.
  • What about translation, transcription or some other writing service I need done?"
    Email me about it and we can discuss it.
  • I am submitting a paper to a journal which requires proof of proofreading. Do you provide this?
    Yes, a letter (in PDF form) showing that your work has been professionally proofread can be provided at no extra cost.
  • Will you write an essay or thesis for me?
    I will not write your academic work. It is fraudulent to get someone else to write academic work which you will then present as your own, and you will learn nothing from it. If you need something written for non-academic purposes, please write an email explaining what you need and I will see if I can help you.
  • I have written something but it's very rough. Will you re-write it properly for me?
    Contact me and I will see what I can do. Re-writing a whole document automatically falls under the Supervisor Package price because it is very time consuming.
  • I would like to have my manuscript edited according to American English norms. Is this possible and does it cost more?
    British English is our speciality but we can do American English too upon request. No, it does not cost more.
  • Can I speak to you on the phone to discuss my project?
    Yes. Please phone (+356) 9992 8710.
  • I have a question you have not answered.
    Please email me and we can discuss your issue.
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