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Are you writing an essay for your blog, an article you hope to get published in the Times of Malta, The Sunday Circle or an international publication?  So many essays fail to make an impact because they are poorly thought out and are full of silly mistakes. Why not make your essay rise above the rest by getting it proofread and edited by a professional before you submit it? The chances of it being accepted will be higher and the chances of it making an impact with the readers will be stronger.

I will:

  • Correct your grammar

  • Find the most appropriate vocabulary

  • Check your writing for clarity of thought and suggest alternatives when necessary

  • Give you feedback on your content based on my vast knowledge

  • Tell you what your prospective publishers will probably think of your work


Plus, you will also get:

  • Five pages edited for free to help you make up your mind about the service

  • A guaranteed fixed price with no hidden costs

  • Free consultations by email or on the phone

  • Someone who will keep to deadlines

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