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If you want your paper to be accepted by a good journal and have a high impact, it must have impeccable language, a clear conclusion and a well-thought-out structure. As a long-standing teacher, writer, proofreader and researcher, I can check for all these things, regardless of whether the paper is about early education or the health benefits of green tea. I will fix your grammatical mistakes, improve your vocabulary and give you lots of tips on how to improve your writing style, content and clarity of thought. I will work with you step by step to make sure that the document is to your liking and will impress your reviewers.

I will:

  • Correct your grammar

  • Find the most appropriate vocabulary

  • Check your writing for clarity of thought and suggest alternatives when necessary

  • Give you feedback on your content based on my vast knowledge

  • Tell you what your reviewers will probably think of your work


Plus, you will also get:

  • Five pages edited for free to help you make up your mind about the service

  • A guaranteed fixed price with no hidden costs

  • Free consultations by email or on the phone

Someone who will keep to deadlines

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